Sunday, May 11, 2014

New Beginnings

It has been over a year since my last post here...

Part of why I stopped with the blog is that I was spending more and more time taking Neufeld parenting courses.  I love the Neufeld paradigm so much - it meshes well with the Waldorf pedagogy and certainly has had a significant positive influence on our family.

I'm currently in the Facilitator Training program and have started teaching courses.  I'm teaching "Making Sense of Aggression" and soon will begin with the "Power to Parent" series.

Registration information for Making Sense of Aggression is here :)  Details about the other courses are on the website.

Meanwhile, I will leave my blog up for reference.

Happy Parenting!


  1. Hi Emily, So nice to get an update. Are you still homeschooling? I'm so impressed that you have chosen to do the facilitator training. I love Neufeld's work. John Bowlby made a tremendous impression on me when I was in college and I see Neufeld as carrying that torch and really digging in and developing our understanding of attachment. Such important work for the world. Well done you.

  2. Wow, thank you Catherine! Yes, still homeschooling. Neufeld does credit Bowlby for quite a bit. He says he has really "put the dots together" - taking theories and pieces from those who have come before and put it together. xo

  3. Great to read about other jewish waldorfians. I have been a waldorf student and now i am a teacher. In my country, germany, there aren 't many jews in waldorf.